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Baja California Sur, Mexico


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Support Science and help us make a difference

Join local marine biologists on their adventurous expeditions to monitor, tag, study and photograph some of the most charismatic and endangered marine species and help financing their projects, which are essential for the future protection of those amazing animals. 

Tortuga carey con marca satelital.JPG

Help Luli Martinez to survey the endangered Hawksbill Sea Turtle and conserve this species for future generations to come!

Join PADI Dive Instructor Debora Röösli on amazing Dives in Cabo Pulmo and become a Project AWARE SHARK Conservationist

Swim with the biggest fish in the world and support the whale shark research project in their goal to identify individual animals.

Go out daily on the water with Katia Silva and photo- ID the flukes of the migrating giants!

Accompany Marine Mammologist Aurora on her search for Bottlenose Dolphins in the bay of La Paz. 

Go on an adventurous Journey with Fernando and explore isolated, wild San Benito Island, while monitoring Sea Lions, Elephant Seals, Fur Seals and Harbour seals.