Thriving for perfection 

Showing our guests the wild beauty of Baja and its wildlife is not just  our job. It is our passion. Years of exploring Baja and its waters have left us with a deep knowledge of the best dive sites, the wildlife hotspots, the hidden beaches, the most interesting hiking trails, the most recommendable restaurants and the most experienced boat captains.



We thrive for perfection on every trip and this is one of the main reasons why we only offer private tours. We love to adjust each tour the the wishes and needs of our guests, assure their safety at all times and also know that experiencing nature and wildlife is so much more rewarding when you are far from  human crowds.





Convinience , reliability and quality


Interaction with wildlife and watersports like freediving and scuba diving have become more and more popular over the last few years. We at Selkie Travels truly believe that tourism can be one of the best ways to make conservation work. If tourism brings more money to a place than fishing, drilling, mining  or coastal development , then  it does help for the better. But mass tourism has allready damaged or destroyed many beautiful natural habitats and this is why we decided to specialize on private tours. With small groups we can assure the safety of everyone, take our time to make sure all our guests learn what they need about the species they are going to observe and the whole experience is completely different. Imagine you are the only couple or family with the whale shark in the water. Instead of having to take turns with a big group on the boat. Or wouldn't you prefer to enjoy a secluded beach in a hidden bay instead of eating your lunch next to dozens of others? The same goes for our PADI Dive courses. We strongly believe that the  thorough education of new divers is  essential to the health of our underwater world and the safety the former. This is why we offer private courses, where we can focus  a hundred percent on our few students and adjust the course rythm according to their needs. We strive to offer the perfect trip where our guests dont have to worry about anything but enjoying themselves. Thats why we include as many details as possible, to be able to offer the best service we can. 

Things you wont have to worry about to bring on our trips: 

First Aid Kit, Animal ID Guides, Towels, Snacks and beverages, Waterbottles, biodegradable sunscreen, drybags, snorkeling gear with wetsuits


Conservation and sustainablity

We also believe that toursim should support small communities, not huge chains. This is why we always work with local, trusted boat captains we have been working with for many years. Using their boats assures the well being of their family and many fishermen have stopped fishing completely because working in tourism became more lucrative. 

The healthy future of our planet is incredibly important to us. Thats why we support organizations like Project Aware, Mar Libre and Parealelo28. We also organize regular beach and reef clean ups, have our own recycling station and try to reduce disposable plastics to a minimum. 

Educating our guests about the ocean planet is something we do naturally on al our trips and we love to share our knowledge about the local wildlife. 

Our aim is to support scientists and local conservationists in ther projects. 

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The Founder


Marine Wildlife has always been my greatest passion. Over the last 10 years I travelled the world and worked in dive centers on 4 continents.  The bio diversity and beauty of Baja have enchanted me from the first moment I arrived here. During the last 5 years I specialized my work as a naturalist guide and dive instructor in this area and got to know Baja California Sur and its most hidden paradises. I love sharing my kowledge about animals and ecosystems and to help people having the perfect experience. It makes me happy to take people to adventures they wouldnt have dared to dream about. With Selkie Travels I hope to promote sustainable tourism, participate in conservation and help people realize their dreams. 


Languages: Swiss German, German, Englisch, Spanish, French

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About our Company Name


The name "Selkie" originated from the Nordic European legends who tell of seals emerging from the sea, shedding their skin and turning into beautiful human beings. In all the stories a human falls in love with the enchanting creature. The human would hide the selkie's skin to keep him or her from returning to the ocean. Many times they would get married and have children. So they live happily for many years until one of the children finds the selkie's skin, whereupon the selkie returns into the sea, because it's love for the ocean is stronger than anything else. 

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