Baja California Sur is one of the least populated states in Mexico. The dry climate and the geologically  difficult accessible area have kept this area isolated for a very long time.


Traces of the first humans in Baja have been dated to before 11.000 BC. The famous cave paintings have been dated to about 1700 BC. When the spaniards arrived in Baja in 1533 AD they came across three indigenous people: the Pericu, the Guaycura and the Cochimi.

But until the end of the 17th century Spain found very little interest in Baja. It was mainly colonized by jesuit Missionaries and its hidden bays and islands were commonly used by pirates.


Nowadays La Paz is the capital of the southern State and has something over 300.000 inhabitants and counting. As soon as one leaves the outskirts of the city though, one finds himself very quickly in the middle  of the desert.


Until a few decades ago, the locals made their livelihood either out of fishing or farming. Because of the wealth of naturally occuring minerals of the peninsula, mining became more and more common, which brought more mexican settlers from the mainland to move to the peninsula.


The original locals call themselves the “Choyeros” and most of them are used to a relaxed living pace. Local businesses are still true to the famous “siesta”..


La Paz is home to one of the biggest Universities for Marine biology in  latin america, which brings a lot of young, nature loving students to this city and gives it the atmosphere of a student town.


The majority of the inhabitants are catholic and events like easter, christmas or the day of the dead are very important.  


Weddings, birthdays (especially the 15th birthday of the daughter) and similar festivities (not to forget the carnival)  are celebrated thoroughly.


“Banda” is probably the favorite music of the Choyeros. It reflects the love and life of the mexican cowboys “charros”. The younger generation loves to dance to Reggaeton and many other latin dancing styles.


Baja California Sur is famous for its tasty fish and seafood dishes, which has had a big environmental impact, due to the fast growing population of the peninusua. Overfishing is a serious problem and tourists should inform themselves about sustainably caught fish and responsable restaurants.

And of course any other delicious mexican food can be found in the many great Restaurants of La Paz.


But most characteristic for Paceños (People from La Paz), is their friendly and relaxed personality. Like most Mexicans they are very cheerful and can make a joke out of everything and everyone and laugh freely. Whoever lives and travels in La Paz needs often a lot of patience, since the pace of life is often a bit slower than the one visitors are used to from their home country. It is therefore the perfect place for vacation, relaxation and tranquility.