Almost 30 years ago the people of a small fishing village realized how the fish population off their shores had dramatically depleted. They saw how there would be no future for their community if they were to continue the same way. So they completely stopped fishing on the reefs of their bay. With the help of NGOs they managed to create a marine national park. The unique location of the area and the dedicated protection of its people caused a wonderful recuperation: The biomass of the reefs in Cabo Pulmo recovered over 300 percent!  This success story is a flame of hope for the future of our oceans! Dive into the home of huge schools of fish, friendly sea turtles, graceful rays, beautiful sharks and majestic whales. This is one of the best places in the world where you can dive with bull sharks in their natural environment. Enjoy the sea air and relax in this lovely, beach side village. 

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