The Espiritu Santo Archipelago is located about 32 km north of La Paz, .

The islands Espíritu Santo  and la Partida together measure about 80 square kilometres and in 2003 they were bought by the american NGO "The Nature conservancy" and is now officially inhabited. It is also part of the by the UNESCO protected islands of the gulf of California. Since 2006 about 490 square kilometres of the waters surrounding the islands have also been protected. There are over 1000 species of plants and animals to be found on and around the island. The volcanic origin of the island makes for breathtaking rock formations with incredible differences in colour. With some luck visitors can observe endemic species of hares, lizards, squirrels and hundreds of birds. The waters around the island are full of sea lions, dolphins, marine turtles, sharks rays and whales. This is a Nirvana for nature lovers!