We want to share our adventures and unique wildlife experiences with our guests. We know that this kind of travelling can be very  challenging; therefore we provide following standards: 


To assure you enjoy your trip to the full, you will always be accompanied by one of our multilingual naturalist guides who will love to share his/her knowledge about the local flora and fauna. 

multilingual guides


The quality of a voyage changes a lot with the size of the travel group. To make sure you will have the best possible experience, our group sizes will never exceed 8 participants.  

small groups

Metal Water Bottle

We have almost a decade of experience of working in the dive industry and interacting with marine wildlife. In the past four years we have explored Baja California Sur in detail and know the best times and places to interact with the local wildlife. 



Your well being is important to us. Therefore we assure selected hotels and comfortable and reliable boat - and land transport. 

Comfortable accommodation and transport

Red Duffle Bag

To improve your experience even more we invest in well functioning gear and lend all our guests a very useful dry bag. 

high quality gear


We want to make sure you make the most out of your trip and so you will receive a USB stick with your underwater and above water trip pictures as a souvenir from us. 

photos included

Sustainability, Conservation and Science

We love the nature of Baja California Sur and its unique wildlife. But like everywhere on our planet, this paradise and its natural inhabitants are endangered. This is why we promote sustainable tourism, environmental education and participate active in conservation. Added to this we work closely with local biologists and support with all our tours local research programs.  Science is the proven way to successful conservation. 

Brown Pump

Some chemical components of most sunscreens are known to harm coral reefs and are suspected to cause cancer in marine wildlife. To fight against this problem we give a free biodegradable sunscreen to each of our guests upon arrival. 

environmental friendly sunscreen

Steel Water Bottle

Plastic is one of the greatest threats to marine life. Because of that we reduce our one way plastic use to a minimum, promote recycling and support local beach and reef clean up projects. 



The survival of endangered species such as the whale shark, marine turtles and different marine mammals is very important to us. We support local research projects and work closely with marine biologists from the different areas. Many of our expeditions include citizen science where our guests learn and help to collect data which will help in the protection of many species. 

supporting research